Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Participating Companies

1. Which companies are eligible for this tax incentive?
2. Should we hire Malaysian students who are studying abroad? Are we still eligible to get the double tax incentive?

Structured Internship

1. How do we know that our internship programme qualify for this tax incentive?
2. How much do we have to pay for the interns?
4. When can we start applying? And How?
6. How frequent should we submit the application?
7. How long would the process for approval take?
9. Can we apply for the incentive if we do not have a structured internship programme?
10. We have a structured internship programme but only for a specific discipline (i.e. engineering). Can we claim for tax incentive for interns that do not go through this structured internship programme?
11. What do we need to submit with the application via the internet?
12. Can we submit the hardcopy application manually?
14. Can we still claim if interns drop out in the middle of the programme?
15. Are the interns subjected to EPF contribution?
16. How do I claim for double tax deduction?
17. When will I receive the Letter of Endorsement (LOE)?
18. Why do I need the Letter of Endorsement (LOE)?
Updated: 28th Feb 2019