Structured Internship Programme

Tax Incentive for Budget 2012

As part of the effort to facilitate the process of nurturing highly-skilled human capital in support of the country's Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), TalentCorp, in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), has initiated a Structured Internship Programme in which a company that hires interns to undergo its structured internship programme endorsed by TalentCorp, is eligible for double tax deduction for all related expenses incurred on the interns.

The internship programme is designed to benefit two groups; the interns/students and the Companies/Employers. The long run continuation and the success of the internship programme depend upon the willingness of the Companies to hire and to rehire new interns, which necessarily depends upon the satisfactory experiences of the intern's employers.

This initiative will make the internship experience for Malaysian graduates relevant to the industries and thus making them more employable to fill in the current talent shortage in corporate Malaysia especially in companies under NKEA sectors.

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