On 31 December 2019, Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp) received a Federal Government Gazette renewal for the Income Tax (Deduction for Expenditure Incurred for Provision of Approved Internship Programme) Rules 2019 which applies to the Structured Internship Programme (SIP) for year of assessment 2017 until the year of assessment 2021.

We are pleased to inform that companies registered under Structured Internship Programme can now claim your double tax deduction for the qualifying year/s of assessment.

Companies which have received a Letter of Endorsement from TalentCorp are advised to consult their tax advisors with regard to submitting claims for the double tax deduction for the qualifying year/s of assessment.

Structured Internship Programme

About SIP

This initiative will make the internship experience for Malaysian undergraduates and TVET talents relevant to the industries and thus making them more employable to fill in the current talent shortage in corporate Malaysia especially in companies under NKEA sectors.

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Guidelines for Double Tax Deduction

A company that hires Malaysian full-time undergraduates and TVET talents from local IPTA and IPTS which have conducted TalentCorp endorsed SIP is eligible for double tax deduction incentive. Find out if your company meets the criteria.

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